An apple a day is cheaper than health insurance

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"An apple a day will keep the doctor away" goes the proverb. I think we can all agree that apples are much cheaper than health insurance. Can an apple really make good on its promise? Well, there is evidence that the phytochemicals in apples can reduce your chance of getting cancer.

In addition, they include 8% of your daily allowance of vitamin C which could mean fewer colds. Hey, that is enough for me to want to eat more of them. They contain only 80 calories, and no fat or cholesterol so they are fantastic for the dieters out there.

If you haven't had an apple lately, check out the new varieties in the store you might have not seen. Fuji, Gala, and Cortland are three of the fifteen varieties of apples most easily found in the United States. In addition to different varieties of apples, you will also find organic apples. I recommend buying organic apples if you are serving them to children.

91% of apples surveyed by the USDA included pesticide in the apple (you can't wash it off). Also, organic apples can taste much better than conventionally grown ones. Give them a try if you have the extra cash.

The best way to serve an apple is to slice it up so it's easy to eat. Don't have time to slice an apple? In some stores, you can find packages of pre-sliced apples.

Are you are really hungry? Then slather some peanut or almond butter on your apple to make it more delicious.

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Hi, thank you for posting this blog. By reading this blog we came to know about most of the unknown benefits of eating an apple everyday.

on January 14, 2014

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