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roasted eggplant saladEggplant Like You’ve Never Had Before
14   July 30, 2014

Many eggplant recipes start with a painful step to extract the bitter taste found in some bigger, older eggplants.... read more

fun exerciseAre You Having Fun When You Exercise?
19   July 29, 2014

Exercise can be a chore. I find that it can hurt and make me uncomfortable.... read more

six minute marinara sauceTasty Marinara Sauce in Six Minutes
16   July 28, 2014

Yes, I know you can buy a jar of marinara sauce that means you will have sauce in NO minutes – but hear me out.... read more

Lisa bikiniHow To Love Your Body
107   July 24, 2014

Have you taken a good luck at your body lately? How do you feel about it?... read more

Grilled PeachesGrilled Peaches: The BEST Summer Dessert
10   July 23, 2014

I fell in love with peaches when I lived in Athens, Georgia. Georgia is a peachy place.... read more

Top Seven Worst Diet TipsTop Seven Worst Diet Tips
44   July 22, 2014

If you make the mistake of telling a stranger that you wrote a book about losing weight, you will want to pull your hair out.... read more

Sweet Potato SmoothieThe Ultimate Milkshake Makeover
12   July 17, 2014

Do I like smoothies more than milkshakes? Before yesterday, my answer would have been, “not really”.... read more

Dr. Oz troubleWhy Dr. Oz Got In Trouble
28   July 16, 2014

In case you missed it, last month Dr. Oz got called on the carpet by a United States Senator for endorsing “magic pills”.... read more

PB2 ReviewPeanut Butter Flavor Without The Calories: PB2
36   July 15, 2014

Snack Girl features peanut butter A LOT. I happen to love the stuff and I use it almost every day.... read more

Zucchini Cheese FriesThe “Worst Food In America” Gets a Makeover
15   July 14, 2014

I have not been the recipient of any free zucchini this summer but I know it is coming..... read more

Sugar Free Strawberry JamSugar Free Strawberry Jam Recipe
11   July 10, 2014

See those jars of jam up there? I made them.... read more

Fit Fusion WinnersThe Winners of FitFusion!
July 9, 2014

The grand prize winner of a year subscription of FitFusion.com is.... read more

Is Healthy Food Expensive?Does It Cost More To Eat Healthy?
30   July 9, 2014

Look at that raw chicken! Doesn’t it make your mouth water?.... read more

Top Salty Crunchy SnacksLove A Salty Crunch? Top 10 Ideas for Replacing Chips
5   July 8, 2014

Everyone has their favorite treat. I happen to love potato chips.... read more

Snack Girl SangriaA Lighter Summer Drink: Snack Girl Sangria
7   July 7, 2014

Do you have a “bucket list”? You make this list after you almost get hit in a car accident.... read more

Top Watermelon RecipesSix Easy and Delicious Watermelon Recipes
5   July 3, 2014

Snack Girl recently attended a last day of school party and she brought slices of watermelon.... read more

FitFusionStream Your Favorite Workout Anywhere With FitFusion.com (Giveaway)
129   July 2, 2014

Snack Girl is a fan of fitness DVD’s. As someone who hasn’t always had enough money to go to the gym, these programs have helped me stay fit.... read more

Homemade Popsicles and Best Packaged Frozen TreatsHomemade Popsicles and Best Packaged Frozen Treats
7   July 1, 2014

Should you turn up the AC or eat a popsicle to cool down?... read more

Onion Fried Egg RecipeA New Spin on Fried Eggs
12   June 30, 2014

Snack Girl loves eggs. They are nutritious, cheap, and fast to cook.... read more

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