Full of salt and lacking in nutrients

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Cup of Instant Noodles

Is this a snack or a meal? Well, I think many people would still feel hungry if you had just a cup of noodles for lunch, so I think it is a snack. If you add something like an orange or an apple to go with it then I think you might have a meal.

Having a warm snack can be very comforting, and these noodles are cheap and easy to make. Nutritionally, there is fat, protein, and some iron. For 300 calories, you get about 8 ounces of soup, which is pretty good compared to something like a bag of Doritos (which is just 2 ounces for 310 calories).

The comparison to Doritos is a good one, because even though these noodles are more nutritious than Doritos, they also have MSG (mono sodium glutamate), and lots of artificial flavors and colors. I would avoid giving these to children because of the addition of MSG.

Also, if you are concerned about heart disease, I would avoid these noodles because they contain 46% of your daily allowance of sodium. That's why they taste so good!


My dad bought a pack of these...I should've stopped him. Instant noodles aren't even real noodles.

on February 26, 2011

Ramen noodles. I personally care for the bland taste of the noodles on their own.

Although it can't be done with the instant soup/snack in a styrofoam cup, when you have the pack of ramen cooking it with: carrots, cabbage, celery, and bean sprouts (add them just before you take it off the stove), and an egg (crack and poke the yolk right after you add the noodles) is a supremely filling meal. :D

on March 10, 2011

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