This Blueberry Muffin Has a Dark Secret

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This Muffin Has a Dark Secret

This blueberry muffin seems like an innocuous food. But, lurking in its floury depths lies a painful truth.

OVER 26 GRAMS OF FAT AND 540 CALORIES!! This muffin makes a Doughnut look like a great choice at a mere 260 calories.

And, they are EVERYWHERE. Gas stations, Costco, supermarkets, Starbucks, bodegas, delis, convenience stores, office meetings, conferences, hotel breakfast buffets - the list continues. Why are these everywhere?

I guess it is because they are cheap to make and people love them. This one that I purchased (for a $1) dripped disgusting grease on the bag. My children were delighted when they saw it!

This muffin a fat laden, sugar filled, calorie bomb that will fill you up and then you will crash. If you eat these, you need to replace them with something healthier because they really aren't good for you. (Trust me, I used to eat these things.)

Okay, enough negativity! What can you do if you love packaged muffins?

I believe your first step would be to replace them with VitaTops. They are packaged muffins too, but they are only 100 calories. They taste okay, and might stop your craving for the calorie bomb. Hey, it is worth a try!

Secondly, create a new rule in your house. This is a tough one, but a healthy habit that you can incorporate to save yourself from the evil muffin. This is it:

I will not eat any baked good unless I baked it.

There isn't a baked good I have met yet that I haven't liked. Baking treats myself have stopped me from just buying and eating them because the stuff I bake tastes great! The house smells good, and the whole experience is pleasurable.

Compare a fresh baked muffin to this evil muffin and you will never eat an evil muffin again. Really.

How do you avoid evil muffins?

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This made me laugh. As a rule I don't buy cookies, I do have a stocked baking cabinet. When my daughter would ask if we had any I would tell her yes, they are unassembled in the baking cabinet.

on July 13, 2010

Love blueberry muffins, but I never buy them... I implement your suggestion of baking them yourself! But I always need to bake a half batch, or else I'll eat them all. And I also usually take half or 3/4 of them to my boyfriend after I bake them so that I'm not tempted to eat them all at once. I'm powerless against a tasty baked good ;)

on July 13, 2010

How do you practice portion control with home baked goods? That's part of my resistance to doing it. A little fearful of such a tasty treat laying around the house. At least when I purchase one it's one, not a dozen. I LOVE vitatops, I make whoopie pies out of them, ice cream sandwiches with cool whip or fro-yo, a little better then peanut butter between 1 sliced deep chocolate one and you'll swoon.

on July 13, 2010

I KNOW why people buy them.... They have blueberries in them so THEY MUST BE HEALTH! :)

I know that was the attitude I used to take on them, till I actually saw the numbers and flipped.

And yeah, a PLAIN donut is better for you than this horrible creature... :(

on July 13, 2010

thankfully i don't have a sweet tooth (actually sweets is the last thing i gotta worry about. for me it's more the savory type of foods like fries and burgers that's killing me lol) so baked goods will never be a prob for me. But i do want to say thanks for graying out those images for bad foods. I never realized how utterly gross/unappealing those packaged muffins can look lol. instead of wanting to buy them, i actually feel repulsed. so yay! keep those bad stuff grayed out and hopefully it'll repulse more people too XD

on July 13, 2010

Super Post! I eat those - eek!

on July 13, 2010

I bake in bulk (double batches of muffins, pancakes, waffles, cookies, etc.), put in freezer bags, and defrost when needed. We are a family of five, and a double batch of pancakes lasts us about a week. Cookies and muffins last about the same amount of time. I don't eat as many if they are hiding in the freezer!

on July 13, 2010

Baked goods *are* good, hence the name!

Pre-packaged baked goods are off the menu here, not only for all the reasons you mentioned, but also because my daughter is allergic to corn and artificial food coloring and it is next to impossible to find any mass produced bakery item in this country that isn't full of variations on the theme of high fructose corn syrup and dye to make the blueberries look bluer or the corn muffins nice and yellow.

on July 13, 2010

I agree I try to only eat baked good I make!!

on July 13, 2010

As a second thought, has anyone tried the Weight Watchers Blueberry Muffins? I don't have a box to give the exact numbers, but they are closer to 150 calories with a far more reasonable fat content, and they are actually moist and quite delicious! I used to eat one in the mornings until other people figured out they existed too and the grocery stores can't keep them in stock.

on July 14, 2010

I used to have a bad love affair with Otis Spunkmeyer blueberry muffins... until I looked at the nutrition label and it ruined everything.

Paul, I tried the WW muffins and they aren't that bad. A little bland but not bad. Great post!

on July 14, 2010

I avoid these bombs by making my own muffins - 100% whole wheat (no white flour!), sugar-free, low-fat (1 tbsp. of oil per batch of 6) and averaging about 180 calories per. They're not as gigantic as these, but they are tasty, moist and delicious, though I guess sugar fiends might not find them all that appealing.

All of the pre-packaged stuff is going to cost more.

on July 22, 2010

I tried the Fiber One Blueberry muffin mix and used egg substitute instead of egg and they were delish! My whole family loved them and they were only 2 Weight Watchers points (but only eat one at a sitting

on July 24, 2010

Yes making them yourself is better, but Fiber One premade muffins are pretty good -- the best premade one I've found. I like the Apple ones the best but I think they make Blueberry.

I'm not sure I'd eat a LOT of even homemade healthier muffins though, more of a snack or dessert.

on February 17, 2011

I made some homemade banana blueberry muffins just yesterday, and I would agree that they taste better than store-bought ones! And to keep my fresh, I put them in a ziploc bag and freeze. I plan on eating them for once-in-a-while dessert!

on February 26, 2011


Portion control trick: keep 2 out and FREEZE or give away the rest. My Midas Muffler guys live my cookies and scones. They get 20, I keep 4.

on November 20, 2012

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